06 December 2012

Quench the Fire Run

Quench the fire flyer

Dear SoCal friends,

Causalgia (aka CRPS II or RSD) should be very high on your list of things that you do not want. If you're the sort who runs without being chased, come out this Sunday and support the USC Pain Center.

Quench the Fire Run

Also, MacGyver will be there!



24 July 2012

Nocebo effects

Here's a nice post on some of the latest research on nocebo effects --the placebo's evil twin.

Are Warnings About the Side Effects of Drugs Making Us Sick? | NeuroTribes

I haven't looked into the nocebo effects for pain in too much detail. But I've profited immensely from carefully working through the placebo effect literature. I expect this could be similarly useful, especially in the differences between placebos and nocebos

I'd love to hear about any good philosophical work on nocebos.

27 June 2012

More Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia

I'm not yet over losing my ranking as the internet's number one source for all things sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia. So, in a futile attempt to reclaim my crown, I share this little bit about ice cream headaches: