16 July 2004

Alcoholic parents and chronic back pain

Chronic back pain is often weird in its sources. This may point to an interesting new variable.

Female Children of

Alcoholics and Chronic Back Pain.
By: Pecukonis, Edward V.. Pain
, Jun2004, Vol. 5 Issue 2, p196, 6p;
Abstract: . A case-controlled retrospective design was used in the present
investigation with adult women to explore the relationship between chronic and
persistent back pain and a history of being raised by an alcoholic caretaker. .
A sample of 112 females was obtained from a large university primary care
health center. Fifty-nine back pain patients served as cases, while 53 females
without histories of chronic pain served as controls. . Outcome measures
consisted of a seven-question physician back pain checklist. The independent
variable, being raised by an alcoholic caretaker, was measured by the Children
of Alcoholics Screening Test (CAST). . Chronic back pain patients scored significantly
higher than the nonpain group on the CAST. . The results suggest that
additional research should explore and further define the relationship between
a childhood history of being raised by an alcoholic parent and the development
of chronic back pain as an adult. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]; DOI:
10.1111/j.1526-4637.2004.04024.x; (
AN 13355886)

makes me curious about what the source might be. Some sort of
psychological stress? Being more likely to be beaten or engage in
activities which harm their spines and muscles when young? A genetic
predisposition to back pain and alcoholism? Interesting.

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