19 October 2004

Pain history archive

I suspect I'm going to be spending a lot of time here: http://www.library.ucla.edu/libraries/biomed/his/pain.html
The goal of the UCLA History of Pain Project is to promote and ensure the study of the history of pain research and pain therapy in the post-World War II era, in particular, the origins, growth, and development of the international, interdisciplinary pain field. Its major initiatives to achieve this goal are the creation of the John C. Liebeskind History of Pain Collection at the Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library at UCLA and the active dissemination of information about the Collection and the history of pain to appropriate audiences.

The Liebeskind History of Pain Collection includes:

* Oral histories with scientists, physicians, and other health professionals in the field of pain, and with chronic pain patients. Forty have been completed of the core collection of sixty interviews. These include interviews with leading pain scholars and clinicians such as John Bonica, Kathleen Foley, Ainsley Iggo, Ronald Melzack, Cicely Saunders, Richard Sternbach, and Patrick Wall. Master copies of the tapes and transcripts are available in the Biomedical Library after final review by the oral authors.

*Personal papers of pain pioneers and selected leaders in the pain field such as John J. Bonica (1917-1994), William K. Livingston (1892-1966) and William Noordenbos (1910-1990).
*Archival records of major pain organizations, including the American Pain Society (APS), the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP), and the American Academy of Pain Management (APPM). Document collections are processed according to archival standards at the Biomedical Library and finding aids are developed to aid scholar access.

* Group interviews with leaders in the pain field, recorded on videotape for deposit in the Library. Three group interviews have been completed: "Perspectives on Pain" (1993), "The Bonicas: Passion is the Fuel of Life" (1994), and "Current Issues in Pain Management" (1995)

* Bibliographies of books, journals, and other materials relating to pain in the UCLA Biomedical Library; and listings of source materials available at other libraries and archives.

The Collection is supported by the extensive holdings of the Biomedical Library, which are regularly augmented with accessions of recent publications and classic works on pain.

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