11 June 2009

Obstetric anesthesia: Past present and future.

And yet another addition to my never ending reading list.

Obstetric anesthesia: Past present and future.: "

J Matern Fetal Neonatal Med. 2009 Jun 1; 1-4
Kuczkowski KM

Obstetric anesthesia is science and art combined, and obstetric anesthesiologists must be concerned simultaneously with the lives of (at least two) intricately interwoven patients - the mother and her baby (ies). Obstetric anesthesia, by definition, is a subspecialty of anesthesia devoted to peripartum, perioperatvie, pain and anesthetic management of women during pregnancy and the puerperium. Perhaps no other subspecialty of anesthesiology provides more personal gratification than the practice of obstetric anesthesia. An obstetric anesthesiologist has become an essential member of the peripartum care team, who closely works with the obstetrician, perinatologist, midwife, neonatologist and labor and delivery nurse to ensure the highest quality care for the pregnant woman and her baby. Exchange on information and communication skills in ever changing environment of labor and delivery is essential for perfect outcome, which is always expected when providing safe passage for both the mother and her fetus from antepartum to postpartum period. Changes in maternal-fetal and neonatal medicine and obstetric anesthesia have continued to develop rapidly during the recent years. The purpose of this article is to explore a number of important issues in modern practice of obstetric anesthesia."

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