22 January 2013

ScienceDirect - Pain : Catastrophizing and perceived partner responses to pain

Pain : Catastrophizing and perceived partner responses to pain:
"Catastrophizing and perceived partner responses to pain
Jennifer L. Boothby, , a, Beverly E. Thornb, Lorraine Y. Overduina and L. Charles Wardc

Received 31 July 2003; Revised 12 February 2004; accepted 23 February 2004 AIB-16214


This study examined the relationship between catastrophizing and patient-perceived partner responses to pain behaviors. The Catastrophizing subscale of the Cognitive Coping Strategy Inventory and the West Haven–Yale Multidimensional Pain Inventory were completed by 62 adult chronic pain patients. Consistent with past research, catastrophizing and patient-perceived solicitous partner behaviors were positively correlated with negative pain outcomes. The communal coping theory of catastrophizing suggests that catastrophizing might be undertaken to solicit support and empathy from others. However, catastrophizing was not related to perceived solicitous partner behavior in this study. Rather, catastrophizing was associated with perceived punishing partner responses. Implications are that catastrophizing and perceived solicitous partner behaviors are independently associated with pain and that catastrophizing may not be reinforced by empathy from significant others."

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